Analogue Marketing

Analogue marketing is the name given to more traditional communication channels to reach potential customers.

With the onset of digital and social media marketing tactics, the idea of using physical channels is looked down upon by many businesses.

In my opinion this is a big mistake, my best digital marketing clients have come from using proven analogue marketing methods. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it a major client who wants digital marketing being obtained through an A5 leaflet advertising digital marketing and website design.

Is analogue marketing still a thing?

Many consumers have digital advertising and marketing fatigue and are being turned off of being on social media, but that doesn’t mean they won’t use it within their own business to gain more customers. Don’t discount and leave out analogue marketing tactics in your strategy to grow your business.

One of the oldest methods of analogue marketing is the simple A5 leaflet of mailshot. This tried and tested marketing tactic can work even better if you target your audience using postcode plus you can also increase its effectiveness if you deliver on given days, such as Sunday or evenings when the main bundle of post has already been delivered so that way your message lands on the door mat as one individual piece of mail with the message getting full attention.

If you want to go one step further you can deliver a full mailshot within a closed envelope with far more information, just make sure its different to the rest of the mailshots that come through your door, you want people to open it, not just pick it up and place in a rubbish bin. One of the best ways, is to make sure it looks personal and totally unofficial, try using a coloured envelope which is handwritten message or printed in a handwritten style.

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