Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your business! South Coast Social Media is offering an exclusive promotion for local businesses between Chichester and Brighton. With our powerful social media platforms and growing followers of over 175k, we guarantee to get your business noticed.

Why choose us?

  1. Unparalleled Reach: Reach over 35,000 potential customers per week! Unlike traditional newspaper advertising, we provide provable data on how many people are seeing your business events and promotions. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to measurable results.
  2. Real-World Experience: We’re not just in the Social Media marketing business; we also run our own successful businesses using the same platforms and websites we offer you. We know firsthand what works and how to drive new clients to your doorstep. Our websites and social media pages generate a steady stream of customers year-round.
  3. Limited Availability: Act fast! We’re accepting only 20 local businesses on a first come, first served basis. Once we have businesses on board, we won’t be able to accommodate any more unless a spot becomes available. Don’t miss your chance to secure a prime position among your competitors.

Special Offer: 3 Months of Promotion for Only £100.00 per Month (Normally £150)

For a limited time, we’re offering an incredible deal to kickstart your business’s growth. Sign up for our 3-month promotion and enjoy a probable reach of 35k–50k potential customers per week. This powerful marketing opportunity is usually priced at £150 per month, but by taking advantage of our exclusive offer, you’ll pay only £100.00 per month.

Build Strong Relationships, Expand Your Reach, and Boost Your Business Presence

Imagine the possibilities of building strong relationships with other local businesses, gaining a massive social media reach of over 200k, and developing new marketing skills that guarantee results for your business in 2023. Sign up for our newsletter today and receive valuable information on joining the South Coast Business Network (SCBN).

As an added bonus, every week you’ll receive a tag everyone post that will turbo boost your business presence, giving you an even greater edge in the competitive market.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Contact us now using the link below, and we’ll provide you with more details on how to secure your spot. Please note that we only charge for managing your social media and writing content; the incredible reach and benefits are all yours to enjoy!

Discover the power of South Coast Social Media. Together, we’ll take your business to new heights in 2024 and beyond.

Members area 

Unlocking access to our members area offers invaluable resources to elevate your business. Our extensive library of articles, podcasts, and videos provides insights from industry experts, covering the latest trends and strategies. Tailored content addresses various business needs, offering actionable knowledge and practical tips. Additionally, you can connect with like-minded professionals, enabling networking opportunities and collaborative growth. Enhance your skills, refine your strategies, and drive your business towards sustained success with our comprehensive resources.


Special offer only £100 per month, Reach over 35,000 potential customers per week!

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